The Odcast is DEAD!

The Odcast with One D has reached the end. Don’t expect anymore episodes ya plebs. I’m not sure what’s going to happen to the website, though. I may keep it and the episodes uploaded here for funsies.

Episode 36 – The SDD Olympics

Excellent episode this week. I’m slapping you with a story about attempted self-murder, while Dan talks about an absolute joke of an Olympic event in the 1900s.   Episode Notes: The Ark Encounter. This is a real “museum”. 2. The man, the legend:

Episode 35 – The Reboot

Another episode, another change. Hopefully this time it’s for the better. This week we go over the curious cases of dehumanization in the past and present! Also, we discuss the future of a certain rooster that likes crowing too much.

Episode 34 – We’re Back, Betches!

We’re back from our hiatus. The best hiatus, the long and unannounced kind. This week we got the Bugs Bunny bank robber, our very controversial opinion on anti-vaxxers, the banning of puppy mill pupperoni sales, and ICE sting operations.

Episode 32 – Gay Zebras?

Dan’s most definitely a Chinese sleeper cell. He just cannot stop talking about the damn place. Thankfully I bring balance to the world of the Odcast, talking about Kenyan marathoners and zebra assassins. Dan finishes us off with the ultimate tale of pettiness.   Episode Notes: 1. Look at how …

Episode 31 – Youth in Asia

It’s an Odcast first. We’re a day late releasing an episode! Pop out the champagne! This week we cover some heavy topics about transgender kids, speciesism, and assisted suicide. Don’t worry, though, Dan made sure to bring in some good news about saving the Great Barrier Reef.   Episode Notes: …

Episode 30 – The Week of Dummies

Terrible, terrible week for humanity. We’ve got the Idiot Riddler trying to extort an animal sanctuary, a mother who thinks she’s got the social clout to make up names, and vegans feeding their cats spinach. Thankfully, there’s a sliver of good as a scientist helps crack down on turtle egg …