About Us

Your humble hosts of the Odcast are the raddest mutha fuckas around.

Oliver has a PhD in Neurolyptical Sun Cycling–don’t know what that is? Good. Keep it that way. He has not one, not two, but seven black belts in the deadliest martial arts from around the world. Jean-Claude Van Damme portrayed his real-life exploits from his time in the Kumite; Oliver is secretly Belgian. Also, he hates Country music because he ain’t a basic betch.

Dan enjoys playing badminton in spring, when the pollen count is highest. That way, while everyone else is snotting and teary-eyed, he’s smashing that bird into their stupid faces and racking up points. His cat is fat, but that’s okay because fat is beautiful. His sweat glands have evolved beyond normal human limitations, and he now secrets what experts have described as: “A soft scent of sweet mulberry, lavender, iron, wood chips, and alpha wolf pheromones.” Some would say that’s muy caliente.