Episode 25 – A Mildly Spooky Halloween

It’s almost time. The moon and stars are aligning on All Hallow’s Eve, and the ritual is prepared to summon the Beast, the Dark One, the ONE D! This episode we go over the weird circumstances surrounding the Amityville haunting and the history of some beloved Halloween traditions.   Episode …

Episode 24 – Tony the Froster

We can never stay out of East Asia, so this week we brought in Kim Jong-un impersonators and China’s plan to create a Bond villain-esque moon beam light. Don’t worry, though, we ground the episode with Tony the Tiger’s assault from furries and poops in SF (again).

Episode 23 – Trick or Treat or JAIL!

I finally brought in a problem that really hits Dan hard: trick or treat curfews. Dan brings us the Witcher and a genuine reason to talk about New Zealand. I close us out with people using stupid animals for emotional support.   Episode Notes: As promised, a picture of Oliver …

Oldcast Episode 1 – The Great Emu War

It’s time to take a trip back–way back–to see if the news was better back in your grandpappy’s day. And boy does it not disappoint. We’ve got the greatest gang of ladies to ever exist, a failed attempt at a hippo farm, killin’ emus, and a political “expert’s” opinion on …

Episode 22 – Hä-mij

My English degree finally pays off, and I get to school Dan on words! Join us as we talk about the outrage of Harry Potter, sexist memes, a failed Indian heist, and a fisherman lost at sea.   Episode Notes: I found the story of the distracted boyfriend, and Funny …

Episode 21 – Surprise Cock-a-doodle-doo

There is a rooster, his name is Murray, and he tried his hardest to ruin everything. Other than that, I got some uplifting* news about a fig tree and exonerating the innocent. Dan’s finally back and comes in hot with cannibalism and Telltale Games being an SDD.

Episode 20 – Threat Level: Seagull

This is the last special guest episode before the prodigal son returns, and boy is it a doozy. We cover the Waffle House Index, the tyranny of seagulls, Mayan Game of Thrones, and cleaning up the ocean. All this, and Jesus somehow sneaks his way in, too!

Episode 19 – Coffee Poops

It’s the episode where my wife finally gets to weigh in on the hot topics of the week. Tune in and get our hot takes on civil forfeiture, being paid to go on vacation, stopping kids from drinking coffee, and the questionable efficacy of probiotics.   Episode Notes: Think you …

Episode 18 – This Isn’t a Wendy’s Ad

This is the first of three episodes with a guest cohost because Dan’s off to the land of giant robots! In this episode we got sex boxes, Verizon being shitty (as usual), replacing city lights with mutant light up trees, and the frustration of losing crinkle-cut fries.