Episode 19 – Coffee Poops

It’s the episode where my wife finally gets to weigh in on the hot topics of the week. Tune in and get our hot takes on civil forfeiture, being paid to go on vacation, stopping kids from drinking coffee, and the questionable efficacy of probiotics.   Episode Notes: Think you …

Episode 18 – This Isn’t a Wendy’s Ad

This is the first of three episodes with a guest cohost because Dan’s off to the land of giant robots! In this episode we got sex boxes, Verizon being shitty (as usual), replacing city lights with mutant light up trees, and the frustration of losing crinkle-cut fries.

Episode 17 – God is Pasta

This is Dan’s last episode before he goes off to Japan forever (jk)! So, I make sure to give him really fun and light topics like racism and God! Don’t worry, though, we make sure to bring in some nice stories like stopping suicide and stopping kids from eating dinner. …

Episode 16 – The Crow’s Nest

A good mix today. We go over little brats getting an extra day off from school, a badass self-amputating, the special poo task force, and how scary smart a murder of crows can be. Also as promised, here is a video about crows being smart as fuuuuuck:

Episode 15 – The Love D With Dr. Dan

Good episode this week, people. We go over the future of homegrown organs, Google Glass fixing autism, the curious case of a pica hex, and fisting up in the game of love. Join us as Dan spills the beans on how he shoots way out of his league, like, all …

Episode 14 – The Depressing Episode

You ready to feel sad and angry about life? Buckle up, friends, this train’s going full speed ahead! We’ve got a story about four teenagers being real dicks, a dude losing his limbs, the viral nature of society, and last but not least, a dead baby orca.

Episode 13 – #animeisokay

Ever wonder how this titanic duo met? Well guess no more! We tell the very factual story of how Oliver and Dan met, like, immediately into this episode. Tune in this week as we bring in spicy topics like ninjas! Crocs eating dogs! Blind gropers! Crazy wifi thieves! Beef jerky …

Episode 12 – Japanese Butt Stuff

Dan’s going away on vacation soon, people, and to Japan no less. I bring in a deadly new trend from Japan to educate him on what to look out for, and also bring another super serious story to get your brain juices flowing. Dan brings in more stories from the …

Episode 11 – Stealing Taxpayer Money, Yay or Nay?

In true Dan fashion, he breaks our perfectly planned format by bringing in two baby stories in place of one good one–way to go, Dan. Luckily, I salvage the show with eXtreme embalming and the ethics of jail! Boom! Morality and ethics! We each also bring in stories about stealing …

Episode 10 – Animal Planet and Lasers Edition

We almost had a theme this time around, but Dan–as usual–had to mess it up by bringing in some stupid laser thing. Booooo! Don’t worry, though, I bring in some great news about animal justice and how we’re going to cure extinction! Also, spiders. Lots of spiders.