Episode 7 – Give Us Your Organs

Big stuff this week. The most important stuff. Harassment! Donating organs! Men beating women (in races)! #notallpitbulls! Also The Last Jedi is objectively a steaming pile of doo-doo–just throwing that out there.

Episode 6 – Kentucky Fried Man-Chicken

In this episode we talk about a new business venture in the fried chicken market, beating boob cancer, the very real dangers of murderous AI, and our plans to make Danny DeVito part of our family. Oh, we also grovel in the end for reviews and ratings on iTunes. SMASH …

Episode 5 – The Church of Flying Turds

In this episode Oliver brings in two stories about flying turds, for the price of one. Dan brings in an article to combat all the fake news about how bad rats are, and then we get into a deep philosophical debate about robot dogs having an existential crisis.

Episode 3 – Excommunication

Third time’s the charm, and boy did we nail it. So hard, in fact, we kill ourselves. The show’s over. Thanks for stopping by! Except not–because we’ve secretly transferred our consciousness to another body, and now we’ll live forever to do these episodes indefinitely–at least until a crazy ex murders …